Top 10 Posts on Google Authorship

Top 10 Posts on Google Authordhip

When we search for anything on Google, some of the results shows the title of page only with page URL and a short snippet. Some search results of articles and blog posts show the author’s photograph beside his or her name and Google+ data.  Here we are going to focus on Google Authorship according to the top writers. Have a look on the top ten articles on Google Authorship below :

  • Authorship : – In the few months since we launched authorship in search, hundreds of authors have linked their content to their Google profile. Want to appear like them in search?
  • The Facts Behind Google Author Rank & Authorship : –  SEO and content marketing isn’t just about creating compelling content, but having it written from an authoritative author. One way to showcase your authority within a specific niche or industry is by associating your author profile to every relevant piece of content you’ve ever written. Google has provided an easy way to connect your content through your Google+ profile and benefit from that association.
  • The Complete Guide to Google Authorship : –  Setting up Google Authorship doesn’t take much work, especially if a website is on WordPress or another platform that has plugins for Google Authorship.
  • Google Authorship: The Future of Your SEO is You! : – With Google Authorship, you can help improve rank while branding yourself as a respected writer in your field. Since Google changed its algorithms to provide more relevant search results, it is my belief that becoming an authority is vital to securing a high search rank today.
  • Google Authorship for SEO: What You Need to Know : –  Google first introduced Authorship two years ago in an effort to provide more power to authors and website owners to have full control and claim ownership to the content they produce. Since then, Google Authorship has become an indispensable tool in enhancing SEO campaigns, while also allowing authors to gain more visibility for their content, connect with their niche, and establish their credibility. These things happen because more people are inclined to click on search results written by “real” people.
  • What is Google Authorship – The Importance of Google Authorship : – Google Authorship is a solution Google came up with to connect a piece of content with the Google Plus profile of its author. The modern online landscape is flooded with content, since SEO’s have been screaming, “content is king.”  Google Authorship provides the tools to allow your content to cut through the noise.
  • Authorship Now On Google Image Search. Confused? : – When people search for images, they aren’t in a mode of asking, “who wrote this article for the picture?” They are more looking for images and who is the source of the image. Typically, on articles, the person writing the article or blog post, isn’t the same person who is the source of the image.

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